Market intelligence and insights platform


What: In an information rich, time sensitive society how do we maximize search results within a minimal amount of time? The MI2 team approached in search of a solution that would solve this ongoing problem.

Approach: User-centered design approach, brainstorms, research and insights, defining appropriate strategy and direction. With the need to include access to various documents in real-time and up-to-date information, I led the design and creation of a customized platform that would aggregate all this dynamic content. And provide site admin and users a clean branded intuitive digital experience.

Process: Engaging with stakeholders, users and administrators, I conceived a solution and identified requirements and partners to create a customized, on-brand CMS solution. Experience combined real-time news feeds with company reports, profiles and competitive information into an all-in-one dashboard.

Results: Hundreds of reports, blogs and comments have been posted to the website, it has become the ultimate database to gain knowledge on key international competitors.

The success of the MI2 portal is a testament to delicate balance between form and functionality. This useful business intelligence application was built with an agile team and a user-centric design philosophy.



“It’s amazing! What a big step forward in making insights accessible.”

“…I have to say that after much research, your site is the best I’ve seen”.

“Great portal. Love it! I can see folks really leveraging the content here…”

Role: UX/UI Design | User Research | Creative Lead