Harken Health – Public Site


The Challenge – Harken Health is an revolutionary concept that puts relationships and care first, and integrates health insurance. The biggest challenge was that the concept was so novel and new for the market it was tough for insurance brokers to explain to prospects and also tough for users to understand.

The site needed to deliver what members/users want:

  • Present more detail of the Harken Health benefits
  • Paint a clearer picture of the Harken Health care model
  • Address the primary concerns of someone looking for health insurance
  • Help visitors understand why Harken Health exists
  • Help visitors choose which plan is most appropriate


Based on research, member and prospect were categorized in 4 user groups:

  • Curious Beginner
  • Driven Fighter
  • Busy Self-Sustainer
  • Overwhelmed & Ignored

Each of these users had unique concerns that the new site would need to address: Cost, Coverage, Retaining Current Doctor, Sustainability, Trust, Care, Best Value.

Responsibility: Envisioning and establishing the UX & digital design strategy, developing a multi-year feature roadmap based on user research and net promotor score (NPS) feedback, developing and aligning the roadmap with the market needs, quantifying user needs through research and testing, and basing decisions on both empirical data and KPIs.

Defined and planned the evolution of MVP’s and across all digital properties including mobile.

My Role: Digital Creative/UX Director | Digital Strategy & Product Owner | Vendor & Team Management

The key KPIs established to guide the creative process included:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Digital Engagement
  • Digital Currency
  • Information Architecture:

The page structures move users through the content base on their page behavior, so that they are not limited by main navigation. This allows us to eliminate dead-ends during the user experience.


“Congrats on a beautiful design and execution!”

“The new website looks great.”

“All in all we think it is great!!! Love the info of the HC role!!”

“Thanks for all the hard work that went into this!!!”

“All smiles and so impressed.”

Homepage Experience:

The homepage and category level pages support deep content format that showcases an overview of the primary reasons to believe. This is meant to better guide a user towards the content they aim to get from the website. Stories/Testimonials from member and staff is woven into the content throughout the web experience.

Entry into the conversion path – CTA’, is driven by user interest instead of being transactionally forced.