Why: Business Intelligence at Target. A real time live, analytics and data repository created on the SharePoint App Farm framework. This was amongst one of the very few innovative trailblazing applications created on this frame work till date.

What: Mi2 was planned to provide leaders and team members a centralized repository for competitive intelligence center that supports their strategic decision making by:

• Providing and synthesizing competitive trends and opportunities quickly and efficiently through a user-friendly portal

• Integrating internal and external experts’s competitive insights and analyses to both raise awareness and minimize redundancy.

• Elevate key external threats and opportunities through a cross-functional council.

My Vision: Support senior leaders’ strategic decision and agility by:

• Identifying and prioritizing emerging trends or competitive threats that impact profitable growth

• Distilling implications and recommending actionable approaches to address and/or risks


• Anticipate and assess – “What is coming”

• Create awareness – “Why does it matter”

• Recommend action – “What should we do”

Role: UX/UI Design | UX Strategy |Digital Strategy | Creative Direction | Technical Direction