Augmented Reality Photo Booth

The Challenge: A key piece of Target’s 50th anniversary was to ensure that celebrants around the world would enjoy this important event. The requirement was for the festivities at Target India to be unique, fun and on brand. Research and feedback showed that the India team loves the Bullseye brand and especially loves Bullseye the Dog.

How do we get Bullsye the Dog to India? Knowing the regulations it would be a challenge so I came up with the idea of developing a virtual experience!

What: An augmented digital experience with Bullseye the dog. Built as an Adobe AIR-based software, this experience offered the portability to capture over 1700 studio-quality images in a few days at both Bangalore headquarter locations. Each photo was assigned a unique ID and posted to a custom microsite we created with secure access.

Solution: I designed and led agency development team to create a platform that allowed Bullesye to be positioned in a frame side-by-side with India teat members. Bullseye could be scaled and moved around accordingly to compensate for varying group sizes. Images were sharpened, given a unique id number, and uploaded to a secure web environment from within app.

Results & Response: Lines stretched down entire hallways with attendees eager to get their picture taken with Bullseye. Over a span of four days there were over 1700 images captured and shared. The creative problem-solving skills and knowledge of Target India’s culture and values, and technical expertise drove me to successfully accomplish this singular and inclusive event.

”A fun and energetic experience for all who participated”

Role: Creative Direction|UX/UI Design | Product Design

Video: A montage of all the images captured virtually.