What: A collection of in store media created to promote the then new PFresh concept. These videos played on the Target TV Wall. Role: Senior Art Director | Designer Videos: The actual spots that were created.
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Meet Kate

I directed this conceptually and visually strong B2B spot to help communicate advertising opportunities and advantages for our B2B partners.  
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What: This 3D animation was created for the “Art of All” theme to be played at the huge outdoor screens at Victory Park, Dallas, TX. These screens are one of the largest outdoor digital mediums in the world! A total of 11 large, high resolution LED screens. Eight of these screens, 4 on each side of the plaza, move on horizontal tracks to allow for a myriad of configurations and motion possibilities. When combined the set of four screens create 31’ X 53’ super screen with HD resolution. Role: My concept for this spot was to create a conceptually and visually strong animation inspired from the traditional Japanese art of origami. I wanted to create a fantasy world with origami based butterflies flying in a zen like atmosphere and while dancing to the music these butterflies fall into place to form a bullseye. Process included sketching, storyboarding, animatics followed by the final animation. This project was also awarded a Telly. Video: A view of the total animation that was played on all 4 choreographed screens.
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Roller Coaster

What: This experimental branded animation was created to play at the multiple giant LED screens at the Nokia Theater – L.A Live. Role: I designed and directed this entire animation.  Video: Bullseye animation
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What: A random collection of few of my earlier work these include mock-ups and frames from various motion graphics projects created for – movie trailers, broadcast and and video projects. Also included are a few print and interactive concept frames. Role: All work has been designed and animated by me.
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