What: An interactive application that can be played on a kiosk but also coexist as an iPad app. Role: Led my team in the creation of a touch-enabled kiosk and tablet presentation offering an easy-to-navigate interface. As a self-standing native app, the experience was smooth and intuitive for each prospective applicant. Video: Kiosk Experience Recorded
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Augmented Reality Photo Booth

The Challenge:  A key piece of Target’s 50th anniversary was to ensure that celebrants around the world would enjoy this important event. The requirement was for the festivities at Target India to be unique, fun and on brand. Research and feedback showed that the India team loves the Bullseye brand and especially loves Bullseye the Dog. How do we get Bullseye the Dog to India? Knowing the regulations it would be a challenge so I came up with the idea of developing a virtual experience!. What: Creating an interactive experience for team members in India to have an opportunity to take pictures with a digitally projected Bullseye the dog. An augmented digital experience with Bullseye the dog. Built as an Adobe AIR-based software, this experience offered the portability to capture over 1700 studio-quality images in a few days at both Bangalore headquarter locations. Each photo was assigned a unique ID and posted to a custom microsite we created with secure access. Solution: I conceived, designed, led brainstorm workshops and pitch meetings, prototyped, managed partner expectations and strategized the entire workflow. Tapping into my network I on-boarded and led development agency to create a platform that allowed Bullseye the dog to be positioned in […]
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Plush Dog

What: A rich interactive installation displaying all the colorful Bullseye plush dogs. A dual screen display, a large HD touchscreen featuring 250 plus plush dogs responding to touch commands with 360 degree animations. Role: Creative Direction | Software Design | UX/UI Design | Motion Graphics Director Videos: Showcases clickthru of the digital experience and the supporting motion graphics screens.
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Herald Square/ Interactive Projection

What: Interactive motion elements projected onto a wall in the 34th St. Subway Station in New York City. Each time a rider passed in front of the projection, the infrared beam was broken and this triggered a change in the projected background scenery. A cluster of Bullseye snowflakes also followed commuters as they interacted with the image. “One Target ad, a 6-by-20-ft. Projection, featured snowflakes gently fluttering from the sky. It seemed unremarkable until you approached the wall. If you swiped your hand in the air, the background scene transformed from a wooded winter scene into a city skyline. And by waving both hands you could send the snowflakes into a swirl.” Role: Art Director | Designer | Motion Graphics Director
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