Hi, I’m Nachi!

An award-winning digital creative director and UX product leader with years of experience building and managing global creative, user experience design and dev teams in both fortune 5 and startups.

An innovative creative problem solver, visualizing branded digital experiences/products/services from concept to commercialization with the ability to lead teams and still be hands-on with an eye towards pixel perfection.

An empathetic leader and mentor who has a very clear vision for building strong teams and creating results oriented products. Experienced at quantifying user needs through research and testing and basing my decisions on both empirical data and KPIs that helps me and my teams define and plan for MVP’s.

A bold thinker with a hands on approach who understands complex business/user needs, industry challenges, analytics, trends and turns them into delightful experiences that contribute to the brands growth. Experienced in managing P&L.

I believe in making useful and elegant tools rooted in design, powered by digital that solve a purpose and meet user requirements.

Collaboration is my middle name and I work closely with dev teams and will sit next to them to design and develop in tandem and can also bridge gaps with stakeholders.

Think of me as the bridge between the creative and technical domains- I translate technical restraints to designers and design restraints to engineers.

I always ask "What problem do we need to solve first? How does this benefit the user and meet business goals? What does success mean and how do we measure it?"

I am passionate about creating innovative digital experiences/products and executing complex projects from kickoff to launch across all major web and mobile platforms and leading both complex digital products and marketing/branding experiences. I champion the creative agile process focusing on user centric intuitive experiences. 

Creating trailblazing digital experiences and executing these from kickoff to launch across all web + mobile platforms

Envisioning useful and elegant tools rooted in design, powered by digital that solve a purpose and meet user requirements.

Passionate about collaborating closely with programmers and will sit next to them to design and develop in tandem.

My Strengths

|  Digital Creative Direction  |  UX/UI Design  |  Digital Strategy  |  Brand Management  |
| Omni-Channel  |  Global Team Management  |


My Process



  • Gather ideas
  • Product Definition
  • User Research
  • Establish KPI’s
  • Develop Strategy
  • Project Road Map
  • Feature Prioritization


  • UX/UI Design
  • Flows, Funnels, Journeys
  • Wireframes 
  • Prototypes
  • Style Guide 
  • User Testing
  • Feedback & Iterations 


  • Build
  • Design 
  • Analytics
  • Gather Feedback
  • QA


  • Launch V.1
  • Track
  • Gather ideas
  • Promote
  • Analyze  Analytics
  • Refine

I believe in “design that makes a difference” and strive for the perfect balance of usability, desirability and feasibility


My Portfolio


"He quickly identifies what needs to be done and the most efficient and effective path to getting there"

"Nachi has a 'can do' attitude and is very confident in his ability to pull a team together and solve a problem. That confidence is contagious and has a positive affect on the team"


"Making sure that projects get completed in a timely manner. Staying on top of what his team is working on and keeping them motivated"


"Nachi is driven and focused on delivery. He is not satisfied until something is real and in the hands of end users"


"He's personable, likable, and direct with his comments & feedback. He's a trusted partner who is curiously resourceful"


"Nachiket, Thank you for creating a dynamic reel out of our Teams personal and professional work! Your presentation elevates our work and will add great value" 

"Nachi’s signature strength is creative vision and energy.  Even though others may possess those attributes, Nachi has a passion for both the Target brand and the unique value-added design he can bring to each project"


"Nachi is curious and always looking ahead to the next big thing"


"Nachi, the development you have accomplished on the Archives and Heritage Services SharePoint Portal is truly impressive. You have organized many layers and levels of content and designed a branded, clean presentation for each of the portal's experiences"


"Beyond the amazing, creative, humor-filled content and produced pieces, we LOVED working with you even more. You guys (the team) were fabulous and so much fun. You helped us pull off a small Christmas miracle with a teeny weeny budget in a very short turnaround time"

"Hard working. Not afraid of the gray. Willing to take on any challenge"


"Nachi is passionate about the work.  He feels invested in the projects he works on and is excited for new opportunities"


"Nachi’s reputation is one he likes to nurture – one of taking risks and being slightly dangerous in building projects and pushing the envelope"


"Nachiket, Thank you for doing such a GREAT job planning and supporting the Dragon Boat Festival. We would not have had such a successful event without your participation and dedication as part of the communication sub-committee. THANK YOU for all of your hard work!"


"The work your team did for the last Leadership Summit got the attention of leaders in TTS and they are excited to hear and see more."


"Nachi is full of energy and ready to get things done no matter what"